DJ Blasch - It's all about house music

More than ten years on a house scene

Blasch's music style is variously blended in world of house music and it skips beetven many house music styles like deep house influenced by jazz, soul, latin, afro rhythms to vocal, garage, funk and disco sounds.

He drives from light broken' sounds into the deep thoughts, smooth beats into more latin influenced sounds perfecrtly mixed into the club night. From his start more than ten years ago he was first interested in more rough sound like detroit, chicago and acid house music, but through the working years in clubs, parties and private sets, he perfected his sound into electronic, organic, soulful world of house music.

You can hear Blasch's sound in club K4 in Ljubljana where he has a residency with Dj Nyn on club events on Sundays called Roza Disko. Aslo he is a part of Exforium movement and shares a quality sound with his monthly Residency mix in Tom Blacksoul's radio show Smoke it Deep.


MIX: Midnight soul 2

DJ Blasch - Midnight soul 2

MIX: Truth

DJ Blasch - Truth

MIX: Deeper into the garden

DJ Blasch - Deeper into the garden

MIX: Indigo

DJ Blasch - Indigo

MIX: Dandelion

DJ Blasch - Dandelion

MIX: Different Perspectives

DJ Blasch - Different Perspectives - Night at Gilberto's Palace
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member of: Zagorje undrground, Exforium, Agenda and Blacksoul Music


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